Sports & Wellness Nutrition

At Proactive Physical Therapy and Wellness, we provide sports and wellness nutrition to our patients who are in need of improving their health. Our dietitians hold PhDs and are certified in Sports Dietetics so our patients can receive the quality they deserve in wellness therapy.

When it comes to a patient’s comprehensive health, it’s essential to ensure that he or she is receiving the proper medical nutrition therapy (MNT). This can improve several individuals’ well beings who suffer from various illnesses and conditions

Services that we offer regarding Sports Nutrition are:

• One-on-one sessions
• Team Talks
• Seminars

These services are available to those who are looking to fine-tune their food choices in order to enhance performance and overall health. We will focus on specifics in accordance with the individual’s needs.

Weight Management services we offer with individual consults include:

• Dietary analysis
• Meal planning
• Goal setting

For those who are in our weight management program, we offer treatments that will settle common issues such as:

• Weight loss/management of all ages
• Nutrition for night shift workers
• Improving body composition
• Health concerns

Let Proactive Physical Therapy and Wellness help you take charge of your health. Call 703-865-0667 for more information or to make an appointment.