Redcord Active/Neurac

What does it do?

Invented by Norwegian carpenter in 1991, the redcord neurac is a breakthrough in the world of physical therapy. Neurac stands for neuro-muscular activation and acts to challenge the muscles as well as change how they communicate with the brain. When our patients use redcord, its goal is to stimulate the weak and inhibited muscles.
Redcord at Proactive Physical Therapy and Wellness provides its patients a new and innovative way to heal!

How does it work?

When we implement redcord at Proactive Physical Therapy and Wellness, it helps patients to reduce strain on overworked muscles. Redcord neurac also helps patients to achieve their highest level of functionality so they can progress smoothly in recovery. In addition to redcord, we use a specialized pilates apparatus to heighten the rehabilitation process. As if floating in a swimming pool, the patient’s body weight is off-loaded with slings and bungee cords to assist movement.

Our physical therapists have received training that specialize in redcord neurac suspension techniques and take its efficiency in rehabilitation to a whole new level.

For more information on what redcord neurac has to offer our patients, call us at 703-865-0667.