Pre and Post-Partum

During pregnancy, there are several changes that a woman experiences and these particular changes usually occur depending on what trimester she is in.

First Trimester:

• Lower back pain
• Nausea

Second Trimester:

• Low back pain
• Abdominal aches
• Diastasis Recti
• Shortness of breath

Third Trimester:

• Lower back pain
• Fatigue
• Shortness of breath
• Leg edema

As women go through pregnancy, they can undergo certain physical remediation in order to make the pregnancy and delivery go smoother. Physical therapies that we provide for pre and postpartum conditions are pilates and relaxation techniques. Using these strategies will enhance mechanical movement as well as functionality in a woman’s body.

It is important to enhance these movements following childbirth so it creates a stable post-partum foundation as the infant grows into a toddler.

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