Physical Therapy

At Proactive Physical Therapy and Wellness, our patients are our number one priority. Our mission is to provide quality rehabilitation with training and exercises so you can heal swiftly. With our certified and expertly trained physical therapists, we guarantee that your journey of recovery will be a speedy one!

Just some of the issues we offer care and treatment for are:

• Back pain
• Arthritis
• Sprains
• Strains
• Bursitis
• Fractures
• Tendinitis

At Proactive Physical Therapy and Wellness, we help remediate impairments and help promote mobility and functionality. Each patient will receive an expansive evaluation to highlight the source of impairment. We offer treatment to patients with pain and impairments, changes in physical function, or health status resulting from disease, injury, or other causes.

Certain treatments we offer in physical therapy are:

• Redcord Neurac
• Pre and Post-Partum
• Dry Needling
• Anti-gravity Treadmill

Proactive Physical Therapy and Wellness is your prime physical rehabilitation location. Our expertly trained and dedicated staff ensures that patients are given the quality treatment that they deserve. Call 703-865-0667 for more information.