Anti-gravity Treadmill

Because of its NASA infused technology, the anti-gravity treadmill gives you the feeling of walking on the moon. At Proactive Physical Therapy and Wellness, you can utilize the revolutionizing anti-gravity treadmill for either therapeutic, form enhancement, or weight loss purposes.

In addition to providing support of up to 80% body weight, the anti-gravity treadmill offers:

• Rehabilitation to lower extremity injuries with less pain and impact
• Quicker and more efficient recovery time
• Improvement in mobility, balance, and strength
• A great method of exercise
• Enhancement in form to prevent future injuries
• Training without pain or stress in joints or muscles

By utilizing the anti-gravity treadmill in physical therapy, it allows physical therapists to assist their patients even more. The anti-gravity treadmill not only lets patients rehabilitate with less pain, but also reduces their recovery time.

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